DesignWorks a division of ComputerWorks

DesignWorks was created as a result of over three decades of creating innovative ideas, inventions, patents, commercial photography mixed with the arts a touch of science, injection molding, finally computer design all blended together to create a new or re-designed plethora of eclectic products.

The founder of DesignWorks has been designing since the 1980's as a professional photographer earning several degrees, one in Photographic science has created photographs such as, the "Spark plug in space" for AC Spark plugs, the "Susan B Anthony" coin dripping oil winning International awards and Professional Photographers of America best of show.  Photographed assignments for, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Bacardi Imports, European Vogue, Cosmopolitan just to name a few.

Later becoming A+ computer trained, as film turned digital he embarked upon the opening of ComputerWorks, starting out designing his own brand of computers having sold worldwide. These were innovative computers, some liquid cooled, neon lighting and recently a new technology with several patents in the works. 

The diverse combination photographic and computer background, a creative design studio devoted to the perfection design and re-design of a product was born. Through this process inventions as, a computer electronic technology, NailCatchers the product, patents and its packaging, the "M case" and our latest solar powered computer, solarbox. Advancements in wireless technology for the home and business to name a few. Our relationship with local engineers for schematic line drawings mean we can do the job from conception to completion.

Ostrich grips handcrafted

 Patented NailCatchers                iphone custom case