In our state of the art web design studio we produce custom websites tailored to our clients needs. Once complete we make sure that website works for you by search engine optimization, explained here: 

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

How does SEO (search engine optimization) help me with search engines?

The more places your business marketing information appears online, the more likely it is that your business will be shown at the top of search results.

This is because Google looks for web chatter (among other things) to decide if a business is for real. Local Internet marketing, such as repeat listings on credible sites, prompts Google to rank it higher on search results.

Studies show that searchers only click on the first two or three listings, so on top is where you want to be.

When your business is listed on popular sites across the web, this creates more links back to your website which, in turn, improves your search rankings.

What does it matter if my business information is listed incorrectly online?

The cost of inaccurate information online is actually quite high. In fact, you could lose out on potential sales. We’ve found that 68% of people will take their business elsewhere if they see missing or inaccurate internet advertising – open hours, phone number, address, prices – online.

How much money will it cost on brand marketing using ComputerWorks SEO?

Getting started is $1,495 – just a small price to pay to get your business information published across the web. And the results are potentially huge.

What kind of information can ComputerWorks SEO publish about my business?

ComputerWorks SEO can publish your business description, contact information (phone number, website address), hours of operation, menus and price lists, item photos and descriptions, payment and delivery options, amenities and more. This is exactly the type of internet advertising that customers want when looking for new local businesses. A detailed and consistent business profile online will help you stand out from the pack and attract customers to your business.

Where will ComputerWorks SEO publish my business information?

We’ve established partnerships with some of the top consumer destination sites online. Currently, we publish to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor,, Foursquare, Citysearch, OpenTable (for restaurants) and hundreds of smaller sites. We’re continually expanding our list of business marketing partners – you’ll be the first to know once we find more places to publish your business information.

What do you mean by “publish”?

By “publish” your business information, we mean displaying it on all of the World Wide Web.  Publishing allows you to make your information available to the whole World.


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