I have been asked how I ended up opening ComputerWorks in this location, so I wrote about my very first visit to this amazing place I call home.

We made Santa Rosa Beach our home, the home of ComputerWorks while on a vacation here in 2007 discovering the world's most beautiful, pristine coastline with its literally, sugar white, squeaky sand beaches and turquoise emerald green blue crystal clear ocean (it's not named the Emerald coast for nothing).

Having a professional photography background, I fell in love with the extraordinary architecture that I researched and found drew inspirations from Bermuda, Antigua and the most beautiful architecture seen in Rome and Greece, the quiet Beaches of Santa Rosa Beach and the picturesque Scenic 30A was one of the most beautiful places I have seen.

I Walked along scenic 30a's 24 miles of gleaming, powder white beach with my Italian greyhound whom which I have never seen happier running 60 mph to scale, I laughed so hard as she ran in figure eights spewing sand in the air as she cornered. I laid down on the sand as my little dog pounced and laid her two paws on my chest and looked at me as if she was smiling with a white powdered nose of sand. I really don't know who was happier.

 I picked up a handful of sand, and if you can picture a handful of baby powder and that white, that's how it is. I was curious about the sand and googled it and I found out the sand is sculpted from Appalachian quartz powder (technically not even sand, ah ha!) When I walked along the waters edge It felt as if I had my salt water aquarium at my feet.

As beautiful as it looks in the pictures it's even better in person!

Here is my bike, for those interested, it's a Trek and great for the beach and trails (shot with my iphone)

  I continued my journey through the beach towns by bicycle where people were friendly everywhere I went, true southern hospitality. I wondered why have I not heard and read more about this area having grown up in south Florida...

I did find out walking by the WaterColor community whose iconic pastel-paint and tin-roof construction was made famous in the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show, filmed in the area from 1996-1997....The Emerald Coast became fashionable during the Prohibition era, when Chicago gangsters such as Al Capone built grand ‘getaway’ homes overlooking the Gulf and casinos to keep themselves entertained. The stunning beaches and clear waters were chosen as the location for the film Jaws II as well.

I think the areas been kept so pristine because it's been kept a secret, being dubbed the "Redneck Riviera" by dismissive northerners. Shhh, lets keep it that way, although, I believe that's about to change somewhat with the NWF International airport opening this spring.  I found the area to have the best fishing and waterways for boating, to the beautiful state beach parks, rivers and lakes sharing the Gulf, which I watched many people young and old kayaking from the dunes to the sea.Seaside, WaterColor, Rosemary beach to Santa Rosa Beach was so amazingly beautiful that spring day in May. I rode the wooden beach trails through Seaside’s old-school Florida towns with funky shops, tiny hotels, and the perfect beachside cafes.

One minute you are at the beach, the next a rainforest and then what looks like Europe. It's a constant wow.

To summarize, with it's stunning beaches, bike paths, beautiful dunes, sea turtles and deer just beyond the dunes, nature trails ... a healthy outdoorsy lifestyle, great people, great restaurants, and a cozy, whimsical, yet quirky, sense of community, I knew that very first day here I found home, where I can work real hard, yet be rejuvenated by my environment. Just remember, 30A!

Needless to say, I immediately began my goal of opening ComputerWorks by the following spring of 2008 and met my goal and have not looked back since.                                                                        

We cover all of Santa Rosa Beach